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  • Easy measurement of electrical energy (I, U, P, kWh). Without interruption of the power supply

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Energy consumption measuring and optimization

The Emonio P3 measuring device is a three-phase data logger for measuring the electricity consumption. As a power measuring device it measures alternating current and voltage, and uses these values to calculate the electric power and the energy consumption of house connection points, main and sub distribution nodes, devices and systems. It is suitable for use with single and three-phase alternating current. The Emonio P3 Power Logger connects non-invasively to any distribution cabinet.
The Emonio P3 provides fast and precision measuring data.
The current is measured non-invasively by Rogowski coils or current transformers (CTs).
The voltage is supplied and measured using magnetic clips or sample probes. No additional power supply connection is required.
The client does not have to interrupt the power supply to install the Emonio P3. There are no necessary specific technical requirements.
The analysis of the data can be performed on-site or on my.emonio.de.
Emonio P3 has been tested by TÜV Nord with regard to electrical safety. Go to the Specifications to learn more about the technical details. Emonio P3 is the perfect energy measuring device and was developed specifically for measuring electric power in energy efficiency projects.

Adjustment Interval 8 MB Memory 16 GB Memory
Phases A, B, C + total 15 minutes > 1 year > 2000 years
Phasen A, B, C + total 1 minute 1 month > 130 years
Phases A, B, C + total 1 second 12 hours > 2 years

Emonio P3

Emonio P3

Emonio P3



  • Three-phase data logger for non-invasive measuring of active power (W), apparent power (VA) and non-active power (var)
  • Suitable for single-phase and three-phase measuring
  • Ideal for simultaneously measuring various consumers at different locations
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No additional power supply required
  • Easy to configure
  • Current sensors (amp range) exchangeable per device


  • Onsite communication via in-device WiFi
  • Realtime visualisation of the measurement data on any WiFi-enabled device
  • CSV download for easy further processing
  • Realtime visualisation and analysis tools on my.emonio.de
  • Load profile by second or
  • 15 min values in kW with time stamp
  • Developed by energy consultants


  • Uncertainty class 1 (1%)
  • All devices precision calibrated
  • Ideal for DIN EN ISO 50001, DIN 16247 or Energy consulting
  • TLS 1.2 encryption standard
  • OEM whitelabelling possible
  • TÜV certificate according to DIN EN 61010-1

Emonio P3

Emonio P3 Rogowskispulen

Emonio P3 Current transformer

Current metering

Current probes working on the rogowski coil principle or clamp-on current transformer measure an alternating current (AC). As the loop is not closed the measurement can be done without interruption of the power supply. Metering of all electrical quantities: various consumers, main- and sub-distributions can be measured.
We offer the following types of current probes

Current [A]

Window diameter [mm]
100 25
250 30 / 50
500 50 / 100
1000 100
3000 150

safety rating: CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600V. Thin-flexible current probes allow measurements in hardly accessible distribution frames.

Emonio P3

Emonio P3

Voltage Supply and Voltage Samples

Magnetic test tips provide power supply and voltage samples. There ist no additional power supply needed and electrical values like voltage and current are really measured.

    Onsite measuring under various measuring conditions

    Every project to increase energy efficiency usually requires measuring several electric consumers. With Emonio P3 you can perform this key task with ease and precision.

    For the implemention of the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard measuring appliances that are relevant with regard to energy terms is required: The organisation needs to "analyze the energy deployment and energy consumption based on measurements and other data...". External consultants as well as company energy officers can use Emonio P3 to record all necessary measurement data.

    Precision measurement of electric energy usually is essential within the context of an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247.

    The general consumption data based on the type label and operating times is not very precise for energy consulting for SMEs. Emonio P3 offers precision measuring results to the split second or as 15 minute values.

    In general you only receive 15 minute values from your utility provider if your client is in the  load profile category with more than 100,000 kWh of energy consumption per year. With Emonio P3 you will receive 15 minute values in the same format as from your utility provider for any desired measurement period. At the end of the measurement period (e.g. 1 week, 1 month, 6 months) you can download them to any WiFi-enabled device. You do not need to use your customer's WiFi and can use Emonio's own WiFi instead.

    Emonio P3 can be used in all fields of industry and there are no technical requirements for recording the data. A WiFi network is required in case of transferring the data to my.emonio.de.

    Emonio InstallationEmonio Installation Emonio Installation Emonio Installation Emonio Installation

    Emonio Installation Emonio Installation Emonio Installation

    Viertelstundenwerte Viertelstundenwerte

    Emonio Visualisierung

    Data-Analyses. How does it work?

    There are two ways to record the measurement data of Emonio P3. Offline modus (no wifi-connection): Measurement data will be saved on firmly integrated 16 GB SD card as CSV-file. Alternatively, for short measurement period the emonio-device 8 MB flash memory can be used. You can configure optional measurements (U, I, S, p, Q, W, maximum and minimal value) and different storage intervals (e.g. every second, minute, 1/4 hour). You can download the CSV-file by connecting to your emonio-device via Bluetooth or Wifi. Online-modus (Device is connected to internet): Measurement data will be saved on a server by every second and can be analyzed on the website pro.emonio.de. In parallel, measurement data will be saved on the SD card.

    CSV-Download via WIFI

    Offline-Modus: Access the data via AccessPoint. By pressing the AccessPoint button, the emonio-device activates its device’s own wifi for 10 minutes. Now, you are able to connect your mobile devices and download the CSV-file. A web browser serves as user interface.

    Online-Modus: In case the emonio-device is connected to a local wifi network, you can download the CSV-file via mobile device in the same network.

    CSV-Download via automatic E-mail

    At defined time intervals, you can have the CSV-file sent to you via E-mail or TelNet to a server.

    CSV-Download via Bluetooth (available in summer 2021)

    You receive bluetooth access to the CSV-files via „Emonio-App“. Bluetooth will be automatically activated after the emonio-device is installed. Now, you can connect with a mobile device via bluetooth and download the CSV-file. Emonio-App serves as user interface, which is available for free in apple and googlePlay store.

    Energy management system pro.emonio.de

    The pro.emonio.de energy management system visualizes your measurement data and offers numerous tools to analyze the data. You can track your load profile in real time, call up histories, view the energy consumption according to phases in stacked diagrams and access many other functions and visualizations. pro.emonio.de will be your fundamental tool for working on energy projects, such as planning optimization measures to increase energy efficiency, or installing an electric car charging station or a photovoltaic system. You can add multiple emonio devices to pro.emonio.de and cluster them into projects. More...



    Power supply Magnetic test tips (L1, L2, L3) and Clamp or Clip (neutral conductor), no power supply via wire necessary
    Optional: three phase wiring
    Magnetic tip diameter 6.6 mm
    Voltage inputs 240 V Neutral, 400 V Phase-Phase
    Operating voltage 100-240 V (between neutral and Phase A)
    Mains power frequency 50/60 Hz
    Inputs Voltage inputs: 4 (3 phases and neutral), current inputs: 3
    Measurement range 1 0 bis 80 A AC (max. wire diameter: 10 mm)
    Measurement range 2 0 bis 200 A AC (max. wire diameter: 19 mm)
    Measurement range 3 0 bis 600 A AC (max. wire diameter: 32 mm)
    Measurement range 4, Rogowski coils 100 A, 250 A, 500 A, 1000 A, 3000 A (inner diameter: 16 mm, 24 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm)
    Input level current probes ±0.33 V or ±0.5 V
    Uncertainty ± 1% for U, I, P, S, L, <3% for Q, all devices are calibrated and come with a dated certification
    Calibration It is advisable to calibrate the measure device every 2 years.
    Measurement rate up to 25,000 measurements/sec
    Data buffer (standard adjustments) 22,000 data sets with time stamp; values for current, voltage, power seperately for each phase or 38,000 data sets with timestamp and values for current, voltage, power and summerised three phases. Sufficient for about 6 months.
    Memory 8 MB internal flash memory or 16 GB SD card (not replaceable by user)
    Energy consumption 0.9 Watt
    Communication/interfaces intern and extern WLAN, MQTT, Bluetooth
    Display 3 Status LEDs
    Operating temperature -5ºC bis 60ºC (23 °F to 140 °F)
    Operating humidity max. 85% RH
    Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 127.00 x 88.90 x 38.10 mm
    Weight (with test leads, magnetic test tips) 250 g
    weight (with test leads, magnetic test tips and current transformer 80 A) 445 g
    Mounting magnetic back, loop
    Measurement category CAT III
    Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61326-1
    Safety IEC 61010-1
    Encrypted data transfer Standard: TLS 1.2

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